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20 November 2019
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The Code of Ethics was established following these principles:

We are non-violent men and women who propose an attitude of conscious consumption, through the use of environmentally sustainable and compostable alternatives; we believe this way is the key to deprogram our automatic consumption, creating solutions attuned as much as possible to our Mother Earth.

1.Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We commit ourselves to act and share our vision always in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: right to personal freedom, right to life, right to self-determination, the right due process, the right to a worthy existence, the right to religious freedom, with the consequent right to change religion, as well as the right (recently legitimized) to the protection of personal data (privacy) and the right to vote in relation to internationally accepted ethical practices.

2. Protection 

We refuse to accept any manifestation of psychological harassment, moral harassment or abuse of authority, as well as any other behaviour that might create an intimidating or offensive environment for workers' rights. 

3. Equal Opportunities 

We encourage and promote professional and personal development of all our employees, ensuring equal opportunities through their action policies.

4. Cooperation

We promote and support a space of cooperation and teamwork, conscious that the common good can only be achieved through the shared commitment of each person.

5. Safety

In any country and nation, we propose the adoption of occupational safety systems, taking preventive measures implemented by host country sector-specific legislation.

6. Protection

We transfer the resources needed to carry out Plastic Free professional activity and we are deeply committed to the protection and safeguard of business data.

7. Corruption

Corruption is behaviour based on deception and dishonesty. We support and promote attitudes of transparency and respect by condemning any influence, intended to achieve benefits through the use of corruptive practices, from people outside the company.

8. Money

We establish policies to prevent and avoid irregular payments. We report to the host  country authorities conduct and policies resulting from illegal or criminal activities, we may have notice or be certain about.

9. Transparency

We believe one of the essential elements that feeds our energy is setting transparent relations of responsible culture in all the communities we carry out our business in.

10. Loyalty

Conflicts of interest are contrary to our principles. For this reason, we overcome any situations of conflict, avoiding to indicate as agents people who may find themselves in conflict of interest doing their activity with the users of the service.

11. Privacy

We analyse and process information and knowledge as one of our most important resources, essential to our business management. All information we have enjoy special protection. All information we communicate must respect the value of truth and we will never provide consciously incorrect or inaccurate information that may mislead the consumer.


We commit ourselves to the achievement of quality as the leading instrument, providing the necessary resources to reach excellence and establishing appropriate measures to ensure that the quality policy is implemented by all stakeholders with selection processes according to clear, transparent and binding criteria.

13. Reports

Our aim is to create value, so our commitment is to provide objective, transparent, appropriate and prompt information about professional development of all our partners. We commit ourselves to develop the conditions necessary to treat everyone impartially, regardless of his or her contractual position as well.

14. Providers

We figure our providers as partners working towards a common goal. A key part for achievement of our goals of growth and improvement of service quality are relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

15. Environment

Conservation and protection of the environment are our priority and our leading principle.

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